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October 21, 2018
About SFC India
SFC is a global water and wastewater group of companies. It has offices and companies in India, Austria, Poland, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Egypt and China and a worldwide sales representative network.

The Indian Operation of SFC Group, SFC Environmental Technologies Private Limited commenced in the year 2005 and has competent and well experienced team of professionals to handle large projects for water and wastewater treatment for industries, towns and cities.

SFC supplies Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology (C Tech), an advanced sequential batch reactor technology. This technology is extensively used for treating domestic sewage and industrial effluents. A very high degree of treatment of waste water is achieved which makes it suitable for recycle and reuse at a very low cost of treatment and by using minimum space.

The treated sewage from C Tech plants can be recycled for industrial applications, gardening, agriculture and other applications. There are numerous plants installed and working world wide.

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