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October 21, 2018
C-Tech Process
C-Tech Components

The C-Tech Process
C-Tech is a CYCLIC ACTIVATED SLUDGE TREATMENT process. It provides highest treatment efficiency possible in a single step biological process.

The C-TECH – System is operated in a batch reactor mode this eliminates all the inefficiencies of the continuous processes. A batch reactor is a perfect reactor, which ensures 100% treatment. Two or more modules are provided to ensure continuous treatment. The complete process takes place in a single reactor, within which all biological treatment steps take place sequentially.

No additional settling unit, secondary clarifier is required!

The complete biological operation is divided into cycles. Each cycle is of 3 – 5 hrs duration, during which all treatment steps take place.

Explanation of cyclic operation:
A basic cycle comprises:
• Fill-Aeration (F/A)
• Settlement  (S)
• Decanting   (D)

These phases in a sequence constitute a cycle, which is then repeated.

A Typical Cycle
During the period of a cycle, the liquid is filled in the C Tech Basin up to a set operating water level. Aeration Blowers are started for a pre-determined time to aerate the effluent along with e biomass. After the aeration cycle, the biomass settles under perfect settling conditions. Once Settled the supernatant is removed from the top using a DECANTER. Solids are wasted from the tanks during the decanting phase.

These phases in a sequence constitute a cycle, which is then repeated.

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